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Online Sports Registrations

Online or In-Person! You Control the Process and Get the Results You Want.

This efficient and robust Wizard-based application makes player and event registration fast, simple, and secure. Fully customizable for easy team, tournament, clinic, and camp registrations.

  • Camps, Clinics, Tryouts & Classes
  • Teams and/or individuals
  • Cash, check & credit options
  • Custom fields, discounts & the ability to charge convenience fees
  • Custom email confirmations with attachments
  • Send emails to individuals or your entire event roster
  • Collect sizes during registrations or uniforms/T-shirt handouts
  • Get notified when someone registers

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Scheduling Manager

Organize Practices, Games, and Tournaments!

Never miss another game, practice, appointment, or calendar event when you use our dynamic and flexible scheduling resource. Generate schedules & brackets for easy planning & organizing.

  • Your scheduling resource for:
  • Tournaments
  • Practices
  • Games
  • Clinics
  • Camps

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Tournament Manager

Manage Your Tournaments Easily Online!

  • Our Wizard-based application organizes:
  • Fields
  • Game Schedules
  • Brackets
  • Times

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Payment Solutions

Online or In-Person with Cash, Credit, or Check!

Manage club and league payment data from a single location. Track player payments, registrations, reconcile accounts, export data, create custom reports, and more.

  • Apply payments directly to invoices fully or partially
  • Account holders (parents) can access their accounts online & make a payment on their account activity
  • Cash, credit & check options
  • Rewards Points

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Marketing, Advertising, eMails. Increase Your Club's Identity and Exposure!

Your marketing and communications efforts for tournaments, clinics, and camps will be rewarded by going directly to your membership through:

  • Notices
  • Announcements
  • Custom Emails
  • Newsletters

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Facilities Management

Rent, Monitor, and Keep Track on Inventory, Equipment, and Facilities!

Maintain control of facility and equipment usage and rentals with our easy to use facility application. Record and audit club and team usage and payments as well as maintain inventory of equipment.

  • Financial Productivity Reports
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Facebook integration
  • Facility Schedule
  • Multi-Sport
  • QuickBooks integration

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Club Management

Organize & Manage Club Data and Player Profiles!

The most dynamic and adaptable club manager available. This convenient and scalable tool will help you create, organize, and manage your club the first time you use it. Streamline your operations with ease.

  • Easy season set-up
  • Assign players to teams from your Registration rosters with the click of a mouse
  • Uniform Management for players: collect sizes & print uniform inventory for suppliers
  • Set-up Club dues & payment plans for entire club or a team-by-team basis
  • Limited view for Coach access
  • Track club receivables & past due payments
  • Access info about convenience fees & late payments
  • Create practice & tournament schedules
  • Send emails to players, teams or the entire club
  • Player profiles containing performance metrics for online recruiters

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Online Store

Take Your Pro Shop Online!

  • Inventory tracking
  • Full featured online store
  • Cross selling & reward point system
  • Promote featured products

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Player Profiles

Get Your Athlete Noticed!

SportsCRM and SoloSpike have teamed up to give you the most comprehensive and detailed sports software on the market today. Athletes can be evaluated, rated, and compared to other athletes according to skill levels, age, class standing and more. Our player profile contains:

  • Online Statistics
  • Comparison Evaluations
  • Exposure to Recruiters
  • Video Clips
  • Awards & Accolades
  • Professional Evaluations
  • Leaderboard

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Accounting Management

Take Control of Your Club's Financial Future!

  • Invoices
  • Split payments
  • Track discounts & products from your Online Store, Pro Shop, Concessions & Online Registrations
  • Payment plans
  • Outstanding invoices
  • Inventory Control
  • QuickBooks Integration coming soon!

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Pro Shop and Concession POS Systems

Perfect for Pro Shops, Concession Stands, Booster Clubs, and Inventory!

Team this system, coupled with our easy to load and track Customized Club Card, will eliminate the need for cash at tournaments and other club events. Keep track of inventory and run your shop like a business.

  • Inventory tracking
  • Integrate information into a single reporting system
  • Touch screen, cash drawer, card swipe and printer
  • Cash, credit & check options
  • Tax reports and profitability reports
  • Time cards (Clock In/Clock Out/Print) Coming soon!

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